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is becoming increasingly prevalent and commonly accepted, especially when compared with past decades. According to the United Nations World Drug Report, around 183 million people smoke weed worldwide, and around 92% of countries are involved in marijuana cultivation.

With recent changes in marijuana laws, particularly in Canada and the US, more and more people are being introduced to weed. That also leads to a lot of questions for new and potential users. How high does it get you? How much do you need to smoke? What’s the best way to consume it?

Here are 30 common marijuana questions along with their answers and some cool marijuana facts!

1. How can I buy weed?

There are various methods to get your hands on marijuana. Those with certain health problems such as ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Depression, and Chronic Pain are eligible to get a medical marijuana card. Retail stores for recreational users will soon be open in Canada. You can also buy weed online.

2. How much should weed should you smoke the first time?

Weed can affect everyone differently. As a general rule, try not to go beyond 0.2 – 0.3 g your first time. It’s best to smoke with friends and share a joint- that way you can stop toking if you feel the effects are too much.

3. What are the effects of getting high?

It can depend on the strain. Some strains make you feel more stimulated and creative. Others can relax you, make you feel mellow, and relieve anxiety and pain. You’re also likely to feel hungry and laugh a lot.

4. Can you smoke weed without getting high?

While you can’t smoke weed without getting high, CBD products allow you to get the medical benefits of marijuana without the psychoactive effects of getting high.

5. How much does marijuana cost on average?

It can vary depending on where you live. In Canada, a gram costs $7.48 on average. However, buying in larger amounts from sellers will result in much better savings. For instance, we offer 14 grams for $62.50 – $65 on many strains.

6. What are the health benefits of smoking weed?

Marijuana is proven to have various health benefits. It can relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, help you sleep, and prevent the symptoms of epilepsy. It’s used as a treatment for all kinds of health issues from HIV to PTSD.

7. Will I gain weight from the munchies?

While you’re likely to get the munchies from smoking weed, that doesn’t mean you’ll put on weight. In fact, studies found that marijuana use is correlated with lower BMI and it can even help you lose weight!

8. What’s the best way to take marijuana?

Smoking is the method of choice for most users- it’s easy to roll up a joint or smoke through a pipe or bong. Vaping is also a very popular method. This involves heating up your product (flower, concentrate or oil) and inhaling it without the harsh effects of smoke.

9. How can I start a marijuana business?

Marijuana is a rapidly growing industry and weed entrepreneurs can generate high profits. To start a marijuana business, you’ll need to gain a license, build a business plan, and market your business to customers. There are various opportunities, from growing to retailing. You can also buy an existing marijuana business.

10. Where is pot legal?

Weed is currently legal in various US states, the Netherlands, Mexico Uruguay, and soon Canada. It’s also decriminalized in various countries like Spain, Jamaica, and Portugal.

11. Will I get arrested for smoking weed?

Depends on where you’re smoking. In Canada, you’ll have no problem smoking weed on your private property. Smoking in public is still illegal (unless it’s in a licensed smoking area) and you should never smoke weed and drive.

12. What is vaping?

Vaping is an alternative method to smoking. It involves heating up a marijuana product and inhaling through a vape pen or vaporizer. This often results in stronger and longer highs, making it a preferred method for many marijuana enthusiasts.


13. What are marijuana concentrates?

Marijuana is often formed into concentrated products with high THC. That means you’ll get more potent highs with smaller amounts. Common forms include hash, wax, tinctures, and shatter.

14. Are marijuana edibles more effective?

Marijuana edibles are more effective than smoking. They’ll result in a strong high lasting anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. These aren’t recommended for marijuana beginners, but experienced users can enjoy eating pot brownies, gummies, chocolate bars, and many other marijuana edibles.

15. How do you grow your own weed?

You can buy cannabis seeds and plant them yourself. Planting outside is the simplest method, but planting indoors with a grow kit is often faster and more effective. There are many guides to growing online but expect to spend some money and at least 3 months growing.

16. Will smoking weed cause paranoia?

THC can definitely enhance your emotions, and many users report paranoia when smoking. However, try not to worry and enjoy your high. Paranoia can sometimes be self-induced and weed has also been proven to reduce anxiety. If you get these symptoms persistently, reduce your intake or consider stopping.

17. Will I lose brain cells from smoking weed?

There’s no use that marijuana kills brain cells. Despite a long-running myth that smoking will make you stupid, this is largely sensationalized and many successful people have been known to smoke weed.

18. What’s the difference between indica, sativa, and hybrid?

Flower products come in three different strains. Indica will give you more relaxing, sedative effects. Sativa promotes a more uplifting and stimulating high. Hybrid strains give a mix of both.

19. Where is weed the most popular?

Weed is becoming more prevalent worldwide. Recent figures show that 18.3% of the Icelandic population smoke weed! However, they have a much smaller population and are closely followed by the United States, Nigeria, and then Canada.

20. Where should I travel to smoke marijuana?

Amsterdam has long been a world-famous tourist spot for weed. However, marijuana tourism is now picking up in the US and will soon be prevalent in Canada as well.

21. What is the difference between medical and recreational marijuana?

Only laws. Medical dispensaries are only permitted to sell to those with a license or prescription, while recreational sellers can sell to any adult. You’ll get the same type and quality of products, only through different sellers.

22. How much marijuana can I buy or possess?

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This can also depend on where you are. The new Canada cannabis laws state that adults will be able to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis.

23. Is smoking marijuana dangerous?

Not really. It gives you a much milder high than alcohol and there have been no reported deaths from simply smoking weed. Smoke in moderation and you’re unlikely to ever face any problems.

24. Is marijuana a gateway drug?

There has been much debate on marijuana being a gateway to more dangerous drugs. This is less prevalent nowadays with the availability of safe marijuana sales. While street dealers sometimes try to push other products, most marijuana buyers stick to marijuana alone.

25. What are the negative effects of smoking weed?

While smoking weed is mostly positive, there can be negative side effects. Long-term use can result in a lack of motivation and potentially some problems with memory. Some users also report paranoia. Use it wisely and you’re unlikely to have a bad experience.

26. Can I get weed delivered to my house?

Yes. Online marijuana sellers are especially common in the US and Canada. You can buy weed online and have it delivered directly to you safely and discreetly.

27. What’s the best strain of weed?

Tough question! It all comes down to personal preference. Some of the most popular strains include Girl Scout Cookies, OG, and Afghani. You can check out some of the best selling strains in our online marijuana shop.

28. How long does a marijuana high last?


It can depend on how much you smoke and how you consumed it. Smoking marijuana usually results in a high of around 1-2 hours. Edibles can last 4 hours or more. A vape high can last up to 3 hours in general. You can always renew your high once the effects wear off.

29. How long does marijuana stay in the body?

This can also depend on various factors. Your body flushes out about 80-90% of THC within 5 days, although traces can still last in your hair for months. You can pass a saliva or blood test within 24 hours of smoking. If you know you have a urine test coming up, it’s best not to smoke for a week.

30. How can I start smoking weed?

It’s easy! You can buy weed online, have it delivered straight to you, and smoke it by rolling a joint or even using a pipe or bong. Weed can be a highly worthwhile experience, offering numerous health benefits in addition to an enjoyable high.Weed Online Europe

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