Buy weed in Queensland

Buy weed in Queensland

Brisbane, Queensland$60a quarterlow qualityAugust 29, 2019
Brisbane, Queensland$100a half ouncehigh qualityAugust 19, 2019
Cairns, Queensland$280an ouncehigh qualityAugust 18, 2019
Acacia Ridge, Queensland$300an ouncehigh qualityJuly 17, 2019
Mackay, Queensland$17a grammedium qualityJuly 9, 2019
Gold Coast, Queensland$100an ouncemedium qualityJuly 5, 2019
Brisbane, Queensland$18a gramhigh qualityJuly 4, 2019
Brisbane, Queensland$150a quarterhigh qualityJune 25, 2019
Dalby, Queensland$100an ouncemedium qualityJune 25, 2019
Townsville, Queensland$100a quartermedium qualityJune 19, 2019
Brisbane, Queensland$240an ouncehigh qualityJune 18, 2019
Brisbane, Queensland$440an ouncehigh qualityJune 14, 2019
Gold Coast, Queensland$55a quartermedium qualityJune 3, 2019
Brisbane, Queensland$1105 gramslow qualityMay 24, 2019
Cairns, Queensland$80an ouncemedium qualityMay 17, 2019
Buy weed in Queensland

AUSTRALIA has already approved medicinal cannabis to provide relief for those suffering from six types of chronic illnesses, and it may soon be legalised as a recreational drug.

Bloomberg predicts that by 2028, the vast majority of European countries will legalise medical cannabis programs and recreational cannabis, valued at $A182 billion.

Pharmacist and owner of Health House International Paul Mavor, who brought the first shipment of medicinal cannabis to Australia earlier this year, said patient numbers were above where other countries had been at the same time.

“In the first year of introducing it, Canada, which has a slightly bigger population to us, only had 150 patients, Australia had 300. Canada is now up 300,000 medical patients since legalising it 18 years ago and now they’re just about to go legal for recreational (adult use) in a few months.”

Mr Mavor said before becoming legal for recreational use in Australia “it is important we get the medical system right first”.

Cannabis comes in many forms such as smokeables and also edibles.

Most medical forms come in concentrated forms such as capsules, tablets, sublingual sprays and topicals.

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